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Being a lawyer is not an easy task. Taking the case of a client, working hard for him without even caring for the remuneration and with only one thing in mind that I have to get this man out of shackles and help him meet his family in anyway. I know very well the feeling which i used to have when I fight a case for an innocent man who is behind the Bars for a very long time.

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Most of the lawyers have their specialty in some field. My specialty is dealing in criminal cases. I come across a lot of people who are behind the bars for a very long time and they are actually innocent. It is very pathetic to see that in Pakistan no one cares for the poor and unfortunately if a poor man gets caught by police in some minor offence then it becomes a matter of life and death for him to come out of jail when in fact the law should be equal for everyone. it should be same for the rich and the poor, for the educated and uneducated, for the bureaucrat and a job holder and so on. Law should ensure equality on every basis but unfortunately, being a lawyer when I see discrimination regarding justice and different laws implementation for different persons according to their designations , it makes me feel very bad.

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Pakistan was not created for the rich or just for the powerful. In fact, it was established on the sole ground of Justice, equality and harmony among different groups of society.

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About a month ago I had a chance to visit “Adyala jail” Rawalpindi, the biggest jail of Pakistan. I have joined an organization under the name of women aid trust which takes cases of poor people and of those who are Laawaris. When I visited the jail the condition of the Prisoners inside the jail was pathetic. There was smell everywhere. The barracks where the Prisoners were kept were mostly dirty, there was no system of proper ventilation and light, even the washrooms of the Prisoners were made inside the barracks. And I was shocked to see that the walls of that so called washroom was just 3 to 5 feet was obviously very difficult for anyone to hide himself properly if he needs to use the washroom especially when someone has to take a bath. I was thinking to myself that how a person can hide himself in just 3 feet high wall while taking a bath.

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I met a lot of juvenile prisoners as well and heard their stories, got their power of attorney signed and assured them that I will get them out of jail but with a promise that they will never sit in the company of evil.