Books must be read, but only real ones?


I don’t think that one should read only books based on reality . There is no doubt that books are an asset of information and knowledge, but on the other hand, books are also a source of entertainment and fun. Books can bring smile on your face with some event which is not even real. Books can describe and illustrate some imaginary events which can make us ready for the future happenings.

If all the people start reading only those books which are based on true facts, real events and real people then where will go the human creativity mean, human intuition is the most important thing for a person. Sometimes, fantasy and imaginary science fiction movies make a human mind grow and in fact help us think beyond the limits.

If all the people start reading real books, based on everything real, it will put a limit on human mind. We can easily observe this fact by observing the behavior of children. A child imagines things more quickly and tries to chase that thing, no matter how difficult it would be, a child will keep on searching it, and in that quest for something imaginary, he gets a lot of real experiences and facts.


Let’s understand through this example. Just a decade or two ago, the scientific movies which we used to watch depict imaginary concepts and fiction, beyond reality. But if we look at the present situation, most of those imaginary fictions have come true. The best example is touch screen and drone planes. Robots of today which were just an imagination of the past have big a necessity and reality today.

Therefore I do not agree with the statement that people should only read the books based on real events, real people and based on established facts. One should read book of each and every kind unless it is not violating our moral and ethical laws. books are also for character building, and in that case one should read books based on life stories of real people, because only the biography of a real person can motivate and inspire us. One should read books of every kind.

I also support my argument with the fact that, most of the scientific achievements of today, like computer, television, face book, Microsoft windows, apple phone etc were just an imagination some years ago. As the time passed and human beings tried to force that imagination in to reality, these things then came in to existence. All these factors strongly lead to an inference that books of every kind, whether real or not, should be read, understood and appreciated, which will ultimately.,m. benefit humanity on the whole. Continue reading “Books must be read, but only real ones?”