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Being a lawyer is not an easy task. Taking the case of a client, working hard for him without even caring for the remuneration and with only one thing in mind that I have to get this man out of shackles and help him meet his family in anyway. I know very well the feeling which i used to have when I fight a case for an innocent man who is behind the Bars for a very long time.

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Most of the lawyers have their specialty in some field. My specialty is dealing in criminal cases. I come across a lot of people who are behind the bars for a very long time and they are actually innocent. It is very pathetic to see that in Pakistan no one cares for the poor and unfortunately if a poor man gets caught by police in some minor offence then it becomes a matter of life and death for him to come out of jail when in fact the law should be equal for everyone. it should be same for the rich and the poor, for the educated and uneducated, for the bureaucrat and a job holder and so on. Law should ensure equality on every basis but unfortunately, being a lawyer when I see discrimination regarding justice and different laws implementation for different persons according to their designations , it makes me feel very bad.

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Pakistan was not created for the rich or just for the powerful. In fact, it was established on the sole ground of Justice, equality and harmony among different groups of society.

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About a month ago I had a chance to visit “Adyala jail” Rawalpindi, the biggest jail of Pakistan. I have joined an organization under the name of women aid trust which takes cases of poor people and of those who are Laawaris. When I visited the jail the condition of the Prisoners inside the jail was pathetic. There was smell everywhere. The barracks where the Prisoners were kept were mostly dirty, there was no system of proper ventilation and light, even the washrooms of the Prisoners were made inside the barracks. And I was shocked to see that the walls of that so called washroom was just 3 to 5 feet high.it was obviously very difficult for anyone to hide himself properly if he needs to use the washroom especially when someone has to take a bath. I was thinking to myself that how a person can hide himself in just 3 feet high wall while taking a bath.

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I met a lot of juvenile prisoners as well and heard their stories, got their power of attorney signed and assured them that I will get them out of jail but with a promise that they will never sit in the company of evil.

Books must be read, but only real ones?


I don’t think that one should read only books based on reality . There is no doubt that books are an asset of information and knowledge, but on the other hand, books are also a source of entertainment and fun. Books can bring smile on your face with some event which is not even real. Books can describe and illustrate some imaginary events which can make us ready for the future happenings.

If all the people start reading only those books which are based on true facts, real events and real people then where will go the human creativity mean, human intuition is the most important thing for a person. Sometimes, fantasy and imaginary science fiction movies make a human mind grow and in fact help us think beyond the limits.

If all the people start reading real books, based on everything real, it will put a limit on human mind. We can easily observe this fact by observing the behavior of children. A child imagines things more quickly and tries to chase that thing, no matter how difficult it would be, a child will keep on searching it, and in that quest for something imaginary, he gets a lot of real experiences and facts.


Let’s understand through this example. Just a decade or two ago, the scientific movies which we used to watch depict imaginary concepts and fiction, beyond reality. But if we look at the present situation, most of those imaginary fictions have come true. The best example is touch screen and drone planes. Robots of today which were just an imagination of the past have big a necessity and reality today.

Therefore I do not agree with the statement that people should only read the books based on real events, real people and based on established facts. One should read book of each and every kind unless it is not violating our moral and ethical laws. books are also for character building, and in that case one should read books based on life stories of real people, because only the biography of a real person can motivate and inspire us. One should read books of every kind.

I also support my argument with the fact that, most of the scientific achievements of today, like computer, television, face book, Microsoft windows, apple phone etc were just an imagination some years ago. As the time passed and human beings tried to force that imagination in to reality, these things then came in to existence. All these factors strongly lead to an inference that books of every kind, whether real or not, should be read, understood and appreciated, which will ultimately.,m. benefit humanity on the whole. Continue reading “Books must be read, but only real ones?”

Do people crave for more?

yes, I strongly agree with it. It is the basic human instinct that men never gets satisfied and always crave for more. Man is greedy. He has lust for money, fame, power and many other worldly things. A man sets a target, tries hard to achieve it, finally achieves it and then again sets a new goal and the cycle goes on and on. He never stops and never gets satisfied. His thirst for knowledge and information does not let him sit and relax.

This is how nature made us. People usually have same habits. I have hardly seen any one satisfied with life and success. People want to get everything they can. It has become the norm of society that people want to show off. They want others to realize that they are superior to them.


Most of the times people try to compete with ones having more wealth, power and fame. They always want to be different from others. They always want to be known and famous. This can specially be observed in women of our society. They will try to get the best dresses, jewelry and house of course.

Man is not patient by nature. People do not show gratitude towards the things they are already having. They just try to get more and do something different. It can easy be understood by observing the behaviors of our society. A child gets admission in school, later joins college and enters university. After graduation he finds job. Later on he moves to better job. He gets married, his needs increase and therefore he again tries to find a more suitable job, and this thing goes on and on.

People want to improve their life in any way. They will never get satisfied. This is how we are created and programmed. We can also take example from our society that how people spend a lot of money on their weddings. One can easily find the new trends in our wedding ceremonies. People will utilize every possible asset and things to make these functions as best as they can. And if someone moves ahead of them, they will feel embarrassed and will surely try to compete it next time by spending more and more money and energy.

In my humble opinion, a man should struggler but do not nourish the lust for worldly things. All these things will be left behind and we all will go empty handed. What remains behind, is our character and good deeds.

Should I be silent?


They say, “To be silent on most of the occasions is good for earning respect and self-esteem”. Yes, I do agree with it. On most of the occasions, silence, is the most suitable thing, like, to be silent when your siblings fight with you on pity matters, and you bear all that with silence. To be silent when your parents are angry with you due to any reason and to show respect, silence is the most suitable thing as the Holy Quran says that, one should not even say the word “UFF” to their parents.images

In the same manner, Sometimes, silence is the most suitable and good strategy when some ignorant tries to make a quarrel with you and you see no reason to quarrel, then, silence is the best strategy to be adopted.

When comes a time, you feel disappointed, sad, angry or tensed, silence is the way, by which you can control your emotions and don’t let them hurt you. You can concentrate on yourself; do yoga, exercise or meditation to get rid of all the bad feelings.

When I say, silence is good in most of the times then it doesn’t mean to be silent always. There comes a time, when to be silent is the most unsuitable thing ,like, to be silent when you see any evil, and does not try to stop it. To be silent, when, someone needs your help and calls you and you just become mum. To be silent, when you are questioned about anything and you don’t answer and your silence is considered as your guilt.images

In all these circumstances, one should not stay silent. Our creator has given us a very powerful organ called “tongue” .when it is used in the right way, it will surely reward us and if it gets strayed, will surely be the source of our misery

In my view, if you want to know a person, just look at his company which he keeps and the second thing is what he speaks. Both these criterion are an easy way to judge a person quickly.

I still remember the words of a wise man, which I read somewhere, I don’t know where. He said” a man is absolutely safe as long as, he doesn’t speak”. What he tried to say is that a man can easily protect him by keeping his tongue under control and as the proverb says, the first impression is the last impression, the first word of your tongue is, in fact, one of the first impressions which we give to other people. I hope, most of the people will agree with it 🙂

Sincerity of Ibrahim P.B.U.H and the lesson we get!

eid_al_adha_06post.jpgEvery year Muslims around the world celebrate Eid ul azha on 11th of zilhaj.

This day is not just for eating meat or killing animals.It is a sacred day, celebrated in remembrance of a great sacrifice offered by a father and his son. Ibrahim p.b.u.h obeyed the orders of his creator Allah almighty and offered his son Ismail to be sacrificed in the way of Allah. This was because, just a night before,ibrahim was given direction from his creator Allah Almighty to sacrifice his son Ismail. Ibrahim was an obedient servant of God almighty and presented his son the very next day for sacrifice.The moment ibrahim put knife on his son’s neck and tried to cut it, Allah Almighty replaced Ismail with a lamb and there came a voice from heavens that the sacrifice of ibrahim had been accepted .

What is the lesson we get from it? It is a great example of obedience and patience.We, as Muslims, must take it as a guideline to spend our lives in the way of Allah on the footsteps of ibrahim p.b.u.h.

The lesson here is not just for Muslims,it is in fact a show of loyalty and sincerity towards one’s master.

Once you obey your Master(Allah almighty),the way he rewards you is unimaginable.


Artificial intelligence

The world of technology is improving day by day and the scientists are making new innovations making and programming artificial intelligence, a technology which has the ability to revolutionalise the daily lives of people. Yes, artificial technology can bring revolution in the lives of people.

After the impact of books and social media on human lives, artificial intelligence has also taken a strong position in affecting the life style of human beings. Whether it is cooking meals, making tea, washing clothes, washing cars, teaching students, saving memories, taking photographs or operation theatre, the artificial intelligence has taken strong hold on our lives and it will be just to say that humans are becoming addicted to these artificial robots.

If such a situation is continuous, a day will soon come when human beings will just sit in their rooms doing nothing but lying on sofas and beds and their artificial intelligence will take over their lives and perform all of the works. Artificial intelligence was once a major topic to be discussed in movies and dramas. It is not a decade ago when “shakti man” on Indian TV channel and other scientific dramas of similar nature used to fascinate the children of sub continent. I still remember that we all cousins used to set our “antenna” especially at 5pm Sunday when it was the time for special scientific dramas of that time. Even the little children of today are accustomed to artificial intelligence

Scientists are working on an idea of artificial enhancement in human bodies. An idea that can put so much impact on human lives whose example cannot be found in the entire human history. Artifical enhancement means to improve the abilities and efficiency of organs in human body. It can be used to improve the eye sight of humans to an extraordinary level. The memory and mental level of humans can be improved to an astonishing level. Healing powers of skin, our control over human body, the organ transplant and many more such extraordinary inventions and techniques are the fruits of scientists work in artificial intelligence and technology. This is surely the age of technology but the question here arises,” can man control his future and his fate? What would be the result of A.I takes the hold of world and its affairs? Can peace be brought in this world? Can global warming be controlled? Can a man jump in to his future and forecast about what is about to come?” These are the questions which surely come in every man’s mind that has directly or indirectly some interest in the field of technology and science.

Man has always been inquisitive about finding his origin and past. Finding answers to questions related to the past of the mankind is not an easy task and demands hard work and perseverance. But artificial intelligence and technology has surely held the hands of man in climbing the ladder of success towards man’s past and his reality. Man is exploring new paths to unsolved mysteries with the help of A.I. surely the eyes of mankind is on making everything run automatically and self controlled but we all know computers and artificial intelligence have a drawback that is they can’t think and create things of their own. So is it possible to reach to that level where human beings would be able to make artificial intelligence and computers which ca think and make decisions of their own? Yes, this is possible. Just a few decades ago, things which were just a concept and which were when discussed in the past were being taken just as a joke are now becoming reality and have become common in our daily lives.

I still remember the concept of touch screen for controlling machines and laser technology as a weapon was shown in the movies of “star wars” and “shakti maan” it was mid 90s. Now in 2017, everything has become reality. With the coming of touch screen technology in 2007 for example in I phones of Apple Company, surely forces every mind to think and wonder where the world is going. Soon, a time will come when man will be able to cross time lines and concept OF SPACE AND TIME will vanish. To travel long distances we will not need vehicles or roads. Man would be able to convert him in waves and travel with the speed of light to anywhere in the universe. Conquering different planets of our galaxy will become reality and man will be able to inhabit on different planets and even under water. It will be possible to establish to live in oxygen deficient planets, growing crops on far off planets with no life. And the list of such things and achievements can be made even longer and longer.

In these circumstances can one say that A.I is the blessing to mankind? Yes indeed, it is a blessing to humanity but only if it is used in the positive way for the benefit of mankind. I hope a time will come when man will be able to control his future by virtue of technology and artificial intelligence and that will surely lead humanity to new paths of innovations and discoveries.